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Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
continues to grow coca supplies with the oceans and often putting more stress on the environment and to watch is altering natural habitats and sometimes spreading diseases. during that oversee a one four has decided to take a different approach and let nature take its quirks the deal was a biologist a bit of a palm. he mes short human involvement is kept to minimum. so if we are able to create an ecological a wet stain the colic unaware of cny too. we will have outbid to teach the new sch le the essay in your fish farm the fish live in a natural environment. yes honey and not from bottom in all of you to leave the design of the show and a farm. create he is my imac read the bio what company. but we are recreating the same equality guy with aliens. and on the wickham finding while india's to audio that was to be written for compo the farm sits on a protected national park ten thousand hectares three hundred km of canals. over forty pounds fed by the nearby river. this is probably a dead baby gets that far. the music the euro and one of the biggest fish caught in the wall. until ob
Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
environment where you have a very large scale private sector that operates in isolation from government spending. so you struggle government revenues to strong growth in us exactly what has happened and what was saying is those things that the regime can control things like access to foreign exchanges and is currently doing to minimize the impact on and is able therefore to expand its own lifespan while accepting a bit of damage to water column. well in the aftermath of this deal we have had that western companies are once again stopping to buy the ear any market where during the dot to the oil ministry for instance hasn't stopped since that song. toll said he still some contacts through with the west an old mate is who will come of the prize is the wrong man for western companies how interested all that. well i think very very interested is the simple and so on up front to get from where we all today to a point where they idea for us major for example is able to invest korea knew it. in the radio and gas sector which is a very very don't judge him in the dungeons of the recent roaches
Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
of the business environment improvement in established business relations at the first investment for all my team best two thousand thirteen according to the present prime minister said at the camp of more than one hundred and seventy billion dollars of foreign direct investments have been attracted to kazakhstan since two thousand five hundred staff has concluded bilateral agreements with one in forty countries in terms of promotion and investment security a total amount of accumulated foreign direct investments was estimated at sixty five hundred dollars per capita last year. this result was the best among cis countries. it was achieved thanks to the systematic measures taken to ensure the micro economic stability in the creation of a favorable investment climate at present about eight thousand companies with foreign capital operate in context and all necessary conditions have been provided to make business more effective investment preferences in the form of customs duty exemption of imported equipment technology transfer in land grants in addition procedures for obtaining a visa was simple fi
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
was freedom of expression but i've also grown up in an environment where there is no freedom of expression. i've always spoken my mind and suffered the consequences. so pretty when it goes without saying i am for freedom of speech and his country and the rest of the world like freedom of expression to be that you can say whatever you want someone punching you in the face for a fee the reality is different. i know but i am ready to suffer consequences for what i'm saying. this is an example of the line which has infuriated muslims by pay to misery by rachel skulls and joker on and do it is true prophets late last month of copenhagen central station the ir hassan was attacked by a muslim radical with a conviction for terrorism. he shouted you are an infidel you deserve to thaw. since then his head protection from denmark's crack special approach and it was much in evidence when he came to speak. it's going to and so the monks that city. he was whisked through the barricades in a bulletproof car off the threats against his life this is bowls mosul which is perhaps the most toughest yet it has a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)